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Christ Life Ministries does not sell any products on this webpage at this stage, but we have the My Gate Visa and MasterCard payment Facility for the purpose of donating to Christ Life Ministries (please visit www.mygate.co.za). There are two available options: The first is a once off donation, and the second is a recurring payment from the Credit Card towards Christ Life Ministries. The Credit Card holder

determines the dates and amounts by submitting the information online, or via e-mail if the credit card holder wishes Christ Life Ministries to enter in the information on their behalf. No refunds are available, since no products are sold. Christ Life Ministries is a Public Benefit Organization registered with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Christ Life Ministries has tax exemption status, but donations are not tax deductible in the Republic of South Africa (Christ Life Ministries does not have section 18A status).

Customer Data Privacy Policy

The information entered into this facility is kept securely at My Gate (please visit www.mygate.co.za). The only information Christ Life Ministries will keep, is information submitted by credit card holders who wish for Christ Life Ministries to enter their details into the My Gate system on their behalf. Christ Life Ministries will strictly not share any personal information of any credit card holder who submits credit card information to Christ Life Ministries to any third party, unless required by law. Christ Life Ministries will strictly not use the credit card information for any payments other than that specified in writing by the credit card holder.


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